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National Silver Company produced silver and silverplate beginning in the late 1800s.  The company name was adopted around the turn of the century.  National Silver Company added a number of acquisitions in the 1950s.  Some of the flatware can be identified with names like National Silver Co, NSCCO, National Silverplate, NSC, and F.B. Rogers, which was one of the acquisitions.

Silver in the form of flatware was always a nice way to store value and display wealth, as well as add to the ambience of one’s home and eating engagements.  Today, however, the inherent worth of silver, even in bullion form, is taking the world by storm as people look to the white metal for both protection and profit.  Silver bullion provides a universally accepted store of wealth, unlike flatware that has a smaller audience, and is becoming the new collectible as the flatware market diminishes.  Nevertheless, silver products in general are worth more simply due to silver content.

Silver may very well be one of the best trades you can make in this lifetime.  Silver is in part simply rising with the tide of the surging commodity bull market.  It seems nearly all resources are in greater demand, thus increasingly scarce, and subject to rising prices.  But, aside from the generic commodity bull market, silver is unique in a number of ways that have it set to catapult beyond other resources.  For just one example, silver is out of balance in the normal, historical gold to silver ratio.  Since silver is cheap relative to gold (though it has correct some already), silver products from National Silver Company stand to increase in value beyond collectability as the inherent value of silver rises.  To give a hint of things to come, note that the price of silver tripled from February of 2010 to the end of April 2011.

National Silver Company Products Offer Source Of Rare Silver

There are other interesting factors that make National Silver Company products so packed with inherent value.  Again, you begin with the value of the product based on the worth to collectors.  Then, moreover, you have to factor in the reality of the tiny silver market.  The silver market is very, very small.  It is much smaller than gold.  To make matters worse, note that lots of silver is consumed through industry each year, so it’s not even as though there are increasing stockpiles.  So, you have a miniscule market, coupled with industry using the bulk of what is mined each year.  By the time you add investor demand, it’s not hard to see how prices are quickly rising.  Estimates put above-ground reserves of silver at the lowest levels in several decades.  The investment opportunity for those who get involved early is excellent.  But, unlike collector coins, where plain bullion rounds can be substituted, the National Silver Company products offer a unique source of silver with a completely different utility.  If the price goes sufficiently parabolic, these products can be sold for more based on silver content than for flatware.

There’s a very important reason why National Silver Company products offer a unique, and valuable source of silver.  In light of the huge and growing interest in silver, it’s not surprising to see a fleet of new investment products popping onto the scene.  A simple internet search will turn up a bunch of exchange traded funds for both bullion and silver mining stocks, as well as mutual funds.  Whereas a mutual funds actually purchases shares in actual companies, the ETFs are either geared to track a basket of stocks or else represent a portion of silver that is supposedly stockpiled.  However, these are ultimately paper proxies for the real thing.  Concerns over whether bullion ETFs are sufficiently backed has some people already desiring to have real silver in hand.  Whether or not they can appreciate it, owners of National Silver Company products have the real deal, not a surrogate.  The irony, however, is that the ETFs nevertheless continue to take silver bullion off the market in huge quantities, which only makes it more scarce, and more expensive.

National Silver Company Products And Photography?

Knowing that the silver market is small, and that the supply is lower than at any recent time, is only part of the equation.  The impact of shrinking supply is magnified by the rising demand.  Industrial applications have existed for a long time.  But emerging markets and growing economies in places like India and China present a larger need for silver for even a constant set of consumer needs.  You can see how new applications can put an even greater demand on dwindling supply.

Silver is simply hard to substitute in many occasions, due to its excellent qualities.  It conducts electricity and heat with ease.  Silver is also reflective.  The white metal is malleable, yet strong at the same time.  As if that’s not enough, silver is used for alternative medicine products like colloidal silver.  As many people know, silver is an integral part of the photographic process.  In light of silver prices rapidly rising, companies like Kodak have discussed ways for them to hedge and adjust to the price hike in sustaining its business.  How would you like to sell your flatware at a premium so pictures can be developed?

National Silver Company Products Are A “Hold” Until Triple-Digit Silver Occurs

Whether you’ve realized it or not, your flatware is actually a form of money.  Part of the flight to silver and gold is a retreat to something of inherent value as people around the globe realize the paper in their pocket is essentially worthless.  Truth be told, silver was readily acknowledged as the real money backing Federal Reserve Notes until just a few decades ago in the United States.  Not only is silver and gold defined as the only true money in the U.S. Constitution, but silver was also the precious metal backing the so-called “silver certificates.”  If even unofficially, silver and gold are becoming the de facto default currency worldwide as people turn to it for profit and protection.  While this bodes well for your treasured flatware, note that silver appears destined to hit $100 or better.  Consequently, I wouldn’t consider selling your products until that time.

National Silver Company Products Offer Security For Free

Your National Silver Company products give you more than you bargained for, even if you never intended to buy silver per se.  As mentioned above, many people are making the mistake of buying “paper” silver, in the form of silver ETF funds or certificate programs that promise the real thing awaits them.  In my opinion, if you’re not going to have silver bullion in your hands, you may as well just invest in silver mining stocks.  I happen to prefer mining companies, but I appreciate the role of bullion.  The great thing about having your National Silver Company products is that you have your bullion “built in.”

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